Public transport

Accessibility and space-time differences in when and how different groups (choose to) travel

Estimating public transport emissions from General Transit Feed Specification data

Evaluating the impact of public transport travel time inaccuracy and variability on socio-spatial inequalities in accessibility

Exploring the time geography of public transport networks with the gtfs2gps package

Exploring the time geography of public transport networks with gtfs2gps

Tendências e desigualdades da mobilidade urbana no Brasil I: o uso do transporte coletivo e individual

Este estudo apresenta um diagnóstico de como o uso do transporte individual motorizado e do transporte coletivo tem evoluído desde o início dos anos 2000 nas cidades brasileiras. Nós analisamos dados sobre mudanças no padrão de consumo de bens e …

Distributive justice and transportation equity: inequality in accessibility in Rio de Janeiro

PhD thesis

Population aging, fare concessions in public transport and its effects on transport fares in São Paulo Metropolitan Area [Port]

The effects of income and fare variation on the demand for bus transit services in Brazil [Port]

This study analyzes the variations in urban bus fares and households income, as well as their effects on the demand of paying commuters in 9 large Brazilian cities between 1995 and 2008. The study shows that a gap between the rise of urban bus fares …