Updated on Dec/2020

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Call for papers

Papers and chapters

  1. Transportation Equity [Encyclopedia entry]
  2. What are we missing when we measure accessibility? Comparing calculated and self-reported accounts
  3. Social and racial inequalities in COVID-19 risk of hospitalisation and death across São Paulo state, Brazil
  4. Geographic access to COVID-19 healthcare in Brazil using a balanced float catchment area approach
  5. The causal effect of road concessions on road safety
  6. Pitfalls in the measurement of transport inequalities and transport poverty
  7. Ride-Hailing Services in Brazil: a characterization of users and consumption patterns
  8. The impact of Covid-19 on air travel demand and emissions in Brazil
  9. Trends and inequalities in urban mobility in Brazil I: the use of public and private transport transport
  10. A machine learning approach to defining potentially overlapping labor markets with heterogeneous workers and job
  11. Access across the globe: an international comparison of access to opportunities
  12. The effect of monetary cost in transport accessibility and equity analysis
  13. r5r: rapid realistic routing on multimodal transport networks with R5 in R
  14. A global invetory of public transport emissions
  15. Property Value Assessment and the Effects of Transport Investments
  16. Network science and equity in transport accessibility
  17. Life expectancy gap and income inequality in Brazil

Book editor

  1. Social Issues in Transport Planning, with Genevieve Boisjoly

Project, PI

  1. The Access to Opportunities Project
  2. Global invetory of public transport emissions