Assorted Links

  1. paper: ‘Impacts of transportation network companies on urban mobility’. The authors find that ride-hailing companies increase congestion, have little impact on car ownership rates and discourage people from using public transportation and walking.

  2. OpenCellID, the world’s largest open database with the GPS positions of aprox. 40 million cell towers. Interactive map. HT Daniel Herszenhut.

  1. Choosing my outfit for the next conference in a post-pandemic future

  2. Self-recommending: ‘Ten simple rules for structuring papers’

  3. The cost of COVID-19 vaccines via Max Roser

  4. A 3D LiDAR scan of Brazil’s largest favela to explore the morphology of informal settlements. Project webpage. Paper pre-print. Nice summary of the project, which is led by the MIT Senseable City Lab in collaboration with Rio’s City Planning Commissioner Washington Fajardo.

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