New book: Social Issues in Transport Planning

I’m very glad to share that our book Social Issues in Transport Planning is finally published! Info about where to get the book here.

The book, co-edited by Geneviève Boisjoly ( École Polytechnique de Montréal) and me, was published by Elsevier as part of the Advances in Transport Policy and Planning series, organized by Bert van Wee.

We have gathered established scholars and rising stars to present an up-to-date and critical review of some of the most pressing and sometimes overlooked social issues in transport planning. The book covers a diverse range of topics such as transport poverty and car dependence, transit-induced gentrification, accessibility, gender, race, children’s mobility, the governance of paratransit, equity in project appraisal as well as customer satisfaction with public transport, and the potential of research methodologies in promoting more inclusive and participatory transport planning (see list of chapters and authors below).

In the preface we present a summary of the book, and reflect on what makes a social issues worthy of public attention in the transport planning process. In essence, any social issue only becomes recognized as a social problem inasmuch as its manifestation goes against our understanding of how ethics should be applied to transport planning and against our aspirations of justice with regards to equity, democracy and diversity.

  1. The Roots of Racialized Travel Behavior, by Jesus M. Barajas Preprint

  2. Gender gaps in urban mobility and transport planning, by Tanu Priya Uteng

  3. The Social Dimensions of Children’s Travel, by E. Owen D. Waygood, Pauline van den Berg and Astrid Kemperman

  4. Transport poverty and car dependence: a European perspective, by Giulio Mattioli

  5. Making the links between accessibility, social and spatial inequality, and social exclusion: a framework for cities in Latin America, by Daniel Oviedo

  6. Transit-Induced Gentrification and Displacement: The State of the Debate, by Elizabeth C. Delmelle Preprint

  7. From “Para-Transit” to Transit? A Review of the Politics of Popular Transport, by Jacqueline M. Klopp

  8. What are we doing with all that satisfaction data? Evaluating Public Transport customer satisfaction data collection and analysis techniques, by Cherise Roberts, Emily Grisé and Dea van Lierop

  9. Social and distributional impacts in transport project appraisals, by Ruth Shortall and Niek Mouter

  10. Innovative field research methodologies for more inclusive transport planning: review and prospect, by Gina Porter and Claire Dungey

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