Spatial Analytics + Data webinar series

Rachel Franklin ( Twitter) and Levi Wolf ( Twitter) have been organizing Spatial Analytics + Data, an incredible webinar series hosted at The Alan Turing Institute and the Newcastle and Bristol Universities.

I’ll be presenting next week (Feb 9th at 4pm UTC / GMT) about ‘Transport and Inequalities in Access to Opportunities’. I’ll be talking about some of the recent developments of the Access to Opportunities Project, both in terms of empirical applications analyzing access to COVID-19 healthcare, methodological innovations, and computational tools we’re developing at the project.

In case you cannot attend the webinar, it will be recorded and made available here.

UPDATE [10/Feb/2021]. Here is the recording of my presentation.

This is the program with the next speakers ( registration here):

And in case you missed the first part of the #SAD2020 webinar series, all presentations with an amazing lineup of speakers are available on their YouTube channel.

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