The impact of travel time inaccuracy and variability on accessibility

New paper, this one led by Kaue Braga as part of his PhD thesis.

You can download the ungated version of this paper here.

It’s always best to read the full paper, but here’s a quick summary:

  • We show that public transport accessibility analysis based on GTFS data can lead to biased estimates because of inaccuracies in scheduled levels of service and because it ignores day-to-day travel time variability.
  • We also show that such biases affect some neighborhoods and socioeconomic groups more than others, which raises important implications for transport research and policy concerned with equity.
  • Finally, the study introduces a method to use historical GPS data to account for inaccuracy and day-to-day variability issues in public transport GTFS data in order to overcome those issues in transportation research and policy guided by public transport accessibility analysis.
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