New version of r5r v0.5.0 published on CRAN


I’ve posted here before about r5r, an R package for rapid realistic routing on multimodal transport networks. I’m glad to announce we have released a new version of r5r on CRAN. More info here. This update has some really nice new capabilities. Here are four of the most exciting updates of r5r v0.5.0:

  1. New accessibility() function. It makes it super easy (and fast) to calculate accessibility with only two lines of code. It includes many options of decay function. Code with reproducible example of how to calculate accessibility with r5r.
  1. New find_snap() function that indicates where origin/destination points are snapped to the road network and the distance between input points and snapped locations
  1. This update of r5r also allows users to account for terrain elevation when running analysis for walking and cycling trips
  1. Finally, r5r now includes a progress counter for routing and accessibility functions. You only need to set verbose=F and you’ll be able to follow the progress of the computation.
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