Citizens Collective on Urban Inequalities

Who Counts in the Smart City?

Juliana Gonçalves and Trivik Verma from TU Delft have recently launched the Citizens Collective, a series of webinars to discuss and reflect on research and innovation in cities. The theme of the first collection is Urban Inequalities.

Rachel Franklin (Newcastle) kicked off the seminar series a few days ago with a thought provoking presentation asking: Who Counts in the Smart City? The recording of Rachel’s presentation is available here.

The seminar series continues with many other speakers and themes, covering feminist cities, renewable energy, green areas, urban and transportation systems resilience, energy poverty and participatory mapping.

I’ll be speaking about Transport Justice, Equity & Inequalities in Access to Opportunities on 20 Oct 2021 at 4pm CET. You’re all invited you too mom.

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