Official release of the accessibility R package on CRAN


Glad to annouce the official release on CRAN of the R package accessibility v1.0.0. The package is coauthored with (and led by) Daniel Herszenhut ( Twitter).

The accessibility 📦 offers a set of fast & convenient functions to calculate multiple transport accessibility measures. Given a pre-computed travel cost matrix and some land use data, users can easily calculate transport access to opportunities considering multiple accessibility measures and decay functions. See list of accessibility measures and decay functions below. Please have a look at the package website for reproducible example.

Accessibility functions currently available

  • cost_to_closest() Minimum travel cost to closest N number of opportunities
  • cumulative_cutoff() Cumulative access based on a travel cost cutoff
  • cumulative_interval() Cumulative access based on maximum travel time interval
  • floating_catchment_area() Floating catchment area accessibility
  • gravity() Gravity-based accessibility measure

Decay functions currently available

For convenience, the accessibility package includes some of the most frequently used decay functions in the literature. Additionally, users can pass any custom function to convert travel costs into weights to be applied to opportunities (see vignette).

  • decay_binary() Binary (a.k.a. step) decay function
  • decay_exponential() Negative exponential decay function
  • decay_linear() Linear decay function
  • decay_power() Inverse power decay function
  • decay_stepped() Stepped decay function
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