Route-based accessibility and its association with transit ridership

I’m super glad to share we have a new paper out of the oven! In this study we:

  1. propose a new route-based accessibility measure
  2. propose a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) to map the causal paths of key variables that influence transit ridership, and
  3. compare the performance of our proposed indicator against similar metrics by examining their association the ridership of transit routes.

Among all of the papers I’ve been involved in the past year or so, this is certainly one of the papers I’m most proud of. For different reasons. First, the paper was led by João Albuquerque-Oliveira as part of his Master’s dissertation. João is incredibly dedicated I’m super proud of him for what he has achieved. Second, the study makes various methodological contributions and I think the route-based accessibility metric proposed could really help practioners engage more direcly with accessibility-oriented planning. Finally, I believe this paper opens up a lot of new research questions and avenues for investination. This is a true mark of good research.

  • Albuquerque-Oliveira, J. L., Oliveira-Neto, F. M., & Pereira, R. H. M. (2024). A novel route-based accessibility measure and its association with transit ridership. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 179, 103916.

🔓 Ungated PDF here.

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